1998 Meeting: University of Warwick, UK, 15th-16th September

 (organiser: Glenn Baggott)


N. French,

The problems of starting turkey poults from young breeder flocks.

A. Maldjian, P. Surai & B. K. Speake,

The effect of vitamin E, green tea extracts and catchin on the storage of turkey spermatozoa.

A. Havard,

An alternative approach to hatching.

J. P. Brillard, C. Beaumont & M. F. Scheller,

Divergent selection on the basis of the duration of fertility in fowl hens.

D. C. Deeming,

Factors affecting early embryonic mortality in domestic fowl.

P. F. Surai, B. K. Speake & N. Wood,

The composition of goose eggs.

P. Surai

Vitamin E in avian reproduction.

N. C. Fox, M. Paterson J. Carranza & C. Lindberg

Falcon fertility and hatchability.

P. F. Surai, B. K. Speake & N. Wood,

Vitamin E and carotenoids in goose tissues during embryonic development.

F. Batellier, H. Antoine & J. P. Brillard,

A national survey on incubation of turkey eggs in France in 1998.

R. C. Hazary & G. J. Wishart,

Sperm-egg interaction as a tool for monitoring reproductive efficiency in broiler breeder flocks.

L. Holm, Y. Ridderstrale, S. Ruziwa & V. Dantzer,

Localisation of carbonic anhydrase in the distal oviduct of the ostrich.