2007 Meeting: SurgeonŐs Hall, Edinburgh, UK; 25th July

(organiser: Victoria Hurst)

 in association with WPSA 29th Poultry Science Symposium

Biology of breeding poultry



Patricia Monaghan*

Incubation and life history trade-offs



Collection and analysis of hatchery ddata

Annet Velthuis*, H Yassin, M. Boerjan & R Huirne

Epidemiological field study on Dutch hatchery data

Sander Lourens*

Data collection for a hatchery system monitoring


Irek Malecki and G B Matin

Sperm supply and penetration rates in pairings of high and low body weight Peking duck lines

Annelisse Castillo*, M Marzoni, L Romboli & R Stanyon

Sex determination in Gallus gallus x Phasianus colchicus hybrids

Incubation of different species

Charles Deeming* & Chris du Feu

Temperature and the development of the brood patch in British songbirds.

Lara Jordan*, G Evans & A Ladkoo

Incubation as a tool in the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation passerine projects.

The embryonic environment

Henry Van den Brand*

Storage of eggs in water affects embryo development    

Glenn Baggott* & Patricia de Winter

Carbonic anhydrase gene expression in the blastoderm of the Japanese quail: the effect of incubation time and turning

Barbara Tzschentke*

Incubation and embryo metabolism

Nadia Everaert*, P J Linser, E Decuypere & V Bruggeman

The effect of high CO2 during the second half of incubation on the acid-base balance regulation in the chicken embryo

Melody Liles*, C Hughes, B Kerr, A Harris, B Caterson & A J Quantock

Immunochemical studies of differentially sulfated keratan sulfate in the developing chick cornea

Charles Deeming* & E Dicker

Effect of egg size on growth of extra embryonic membranes



Yassin, H., Velthuis,  A., Boerjan, M. & Huirne, R.

Exploring factors that affect hatchability in broilers.

Gliozzi, T.M., Zaniboni, L., & Cerolini, S.

Sperm DNA integrity in chicken assessed by Comet assay

Cerolini, S., Zaniboni, L.,Mangiagalli, M.G. & Gliozzi, T.M.

Effect of glycine on cryopreservation of chicken spermatozoa

* - presenter