4th, 5th and 6th December 2016

Invited speaker

Elisabeth Blesbois (INRA, Tours, France)

Dr Blesbois reviewed research on reproduction (including biotechnology) necessary for the preservation of endangered avian species.

Elisabeth Blesbois is the leader of an EU-funded project on reproduction addressing this specific topic.

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5th December 2016
Session 1: Nutrition of the embryo, hatchling and day old chick
Prof. Zehava Uni,

Poultry Nutrition. Physiology and Embryology

Department of Animal Science

Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nutritional limitation during poultry embryonic development

Dr. Henri Woelders,

Wageningen Livestock Research, WUR department Genomica

Microbial colonization in day old chick intestine.

Dr. Inge van Roovert-Reijrink

Hatch Tech b.v. Adaptation Physiology Group Wageningen University.

Effect of feed and water access on hatchling BW changes between hatch and pull

Dr.Okan Elibol

Dept. of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture,University Ankara Turkey, Petersime Belgium University  

Effect of post-hatch delayed feed access time on yolk sac utilization and broiler live.

Mylène Da Silva,

INRA UR 83, Nouzilly France

Extra-embryonic tissues and embryonic nutrient transfer

6th December 2016
Session 2: Preservation of endangered species
Dr. Elisabeth Blesbois,

Reproductive physiology and Behaviors, UMR, INRA CNRS IFCE Tours University France

Reproduction and reproductive biotechnologies for preservation of endangered avian species and breeds

Dr. Patricia Brekke.

Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, UK

Title to be confirmed:

Ecology, evolution and conservation of reintroduced species

Session 3: Sperm physiology and fertilization  
Dr  Nadine Gérard

INRA PRC Centre de Recherches de Tours, Nouzilly

Sperm storage in hens: comprehensive proteomic analysis of uterine fluid and SST in relation to fertility length

Cindy Riou,

INRA PRC Centre de Recherches de Tours, Nouzilly 

Sperm storage: ultrastructural investigation of avian spermatozoa incubated in selected fractions of uterine fluid

Poster session
Nadine Gerard: Sperm storage in the hen oviduct: expression of progesterone receptors, structural proteins and heat shock proteins

Marine Dewez (HYbrid Turkey SAS) Ctscan, an innovative tool to predict body composition in reproductive hens

LACordeiro:  In vitro interaction of spermatozoa with hen's sperm storage tubules 

Cindy Riou: About the avian uterine fluid proteome: exosomes significance and biological processes in regards to eggshell mineralization, immunity and reproduction

The influence of chronic hypoxia during the first 10 days of incubation on embryonic parameters in broiler chickens.

Sarah –Anne David

INRA, Nouzilly, France

Impact of embryonic heat acclimation on histone post-translational modifications in chickens

Seline Schallier,

University Leuven, Belgium

Title tbc

Dr. A. Dinah Nicholson,

Aviagen, UK

Modelling and Quantification of the Thermoregulatory Responses of the Developing Avian Embryo.